The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG)

The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) is the professional organization for physicians of The Netherlands. It was established in 1849. Since January 1st 1999 the KNMG has become a federation of medical practitioners’ professional associations.

Our main objectives are to improve the quality of medical care and healthcare in general, and to improve public health. This is achieved by proactively responding to developments in health care and society, by developing guidelines and policies, by lobbying, and by providing services to our members. Another important task of the KNMG is the regulation of vocational training and registration of specialists.

The federation consists of the Association of Public Health Physicians (KAMG), the National Association of salaried Doctors (LAD), the National Association of General Practitioners (LHV), the Dutch Association for occupational Health (NVAB), the Association for elderly care physicians (Verenso), the Dutch Association of Insurance Medicine (NVVG), the Dutch Federation of Medical Specialists (Federatie van medisch specialisten) and the Association of Medical Students (De Geneeskundestudent).

We work in close collaboration with other stakeholders, e.g. government, politics, health care insurance companies, patient organizations, and other organizations in healthcare. The goal is to promote the medical and associated sciences, and achieve high quality healthcare. Our policies cover the full range from public health issues, medical ethics, science, health law to medical education.

Another important task of the KNMG is the legal system concerning the postgraduate training and registration of specialists. Legislative boards issue rules on specialist training, recognition of trainers, hospitals etc., specialist registration and the recertification of specialists. The registration committees carry out legislation regarding the tasks mentioned above in the interest of the public.

The KNMG is an active member of the Comité Permanent des Médecins Européens (CPME) and the World Medical Association (WMA). The CPME is involved in influencing policy at European level and is of great importance, because the practice of European doctors is increasingly influenced by the European dimension.

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