Help and advice

You are a foreign licensed doctor or a doctor with a licence issued abroad and you wish to practise medicine in the Netherlands.

To which group do you belong?

A distinction is made between three types of foreign doctors:

  1. Foreign doctors from outside the EEA

    General Knowledge and Skills (AKV) assessment
    Professional Skills assessments

  2. Foreign doctors from EEA countries

    Registering with the BIG Register

  3. Licensed foreign doctors who wish to specialise in a particular field or wish to have their medical specialist licence formally recognised

    Registering with the BIG Register
    Applying for medical specialist registration

To determine the target group to which you belong, please refer to the BIG Register website, which provides more information.

How does KNMG help doctors with foreign licences?

The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) promotes the interests of over 67,500 doctors and medical students. A socially committed organisation, KNMG will help you find your way around the Dutch healthcare system. It does so in several ways:

  • KNMG’s Commission for the Registration of Medical Specialists recognises medical specialist licences issued outside the Netherlands and helps foreign medical specialists register with the appropriate registers for medical specialists in the Netherlands. If you are seeking to have your non-specialist’s licence recognised, please contact the BIG Register.
  • If you join KNMG by becoming a member of one of our federation partners, you will receive the log-in data to access Medisch Contact’s website, which will grant you access to the progress assessments. Practising such progress tests will help you assess your knowledge of the most common medical conditions.

Association of Graduate Foreign Doctors

The Association of Graduate Foreign Doctors (Vereniging voor Buitenlands Gediplomeerde Artsen, ‘VBGA’) was established in 2014 by doctors trained abroad who themselves have experience with the assessment, applying for jobs and working in the Netherlands. For more information, visit

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